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In 1967, Mr. Mariano Verdejo Solera with the aid of her wife Generosa Monfort Ortí, founded a small electrical equipment manufacturing company in Hospitalet (Barcelona). 

In 1973 an urban plan led him to move to the small town of Cañete, in the province of Cuenca.  After reinstalling the machinery, he began the manufacturing process with good prospects for the future.

fabrica antigua cañete

                                                                                                                          Factory Cañete 1973 (Cuenca)       

In 1984 the increased demand from lamp manufacturers in the Valencia province helped Mr. Verdejo to make Paterna (Valencia) the next location for a second factory. 

foto partena antigua

                                                                                                                          Factory Paterna 1984 (Valencia)

By 1988 Paterna became the headquarters of the company.  With the passage of time, the entry of Asian products and the growing demand of the construction sector, Solera focused on the production and development of enclosures.  

Administration was transfered to Paterna, as it was then considered the headquarters of the company. At the same time the Spanish sales network was consolidated.

After the death of Mr. Mariano Verdejo in 1997, Don Carlos Verdejo Monfort, who had been working side by side with his farther, Mariano, took over the reins of the company.  It is at this point that Solera underwent a modernization and expansion in both factories. 

producción y oficinas

                                                                                                               Office & Factory Paterna 2006 (Valencia)


                                                                                                                             Factory Cañete 2006 (Valencia)

In the year 2000, a warehouse was built in Paterna  becoming the logistical centre for Solera allowing the focus to be strenghtened service improvement, delivery times throughout the territory were substantially decreased.

By 2008 a new production centre was also opened in Paterna.  Both factories now added up to more than 30,000 m2.


IMG 0188

                                                                                                                             Productión Paterna (Valencia)

From the beginning with 2,000m2 in Cañete to more than 30,000 m2 and over 142 automated machines today, Solera remains flexible and yet offers great production capability.

The logistical centre can house more than 10,000 pallets and the strategic location allows a flexible supply line from the company to the customer. In addition, a recent study has allowed the modification of the dimensions of the unit load to optimize and reduce logistical costs.


These values have been further strengthened by Solera´s multiple certifications: such as AENOR, APPLUS, UL, Intertek GS and the TÜV Rheinland Certificate for the Europa series. 

The ISO 9001 IQNET certification has been held by the company since 1997 and has been renewed yearly.


These 50 years have served to make us a modern and innovative company, proud of its origins, values and human capital. We work every day to strengthen ourselves, to become a benchmark within the sector, to achieve this we continue to focus on offering quality products and the highest customer service.

All expansion is accompanied by new commitment. Year after year, new goals are met and social responsibility policies are created.   

With effort and optimism, we will continue working to offer the best solutions and service to our customers.





  • Polígono industrial Fuente del Jarro
  • C/ Villa de Madrid, 53
  • 46988 Paterna (Valencia) España


  • Carretera de Teruel, 32
  • 16300 Cañete (cuenca) España

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