MULTIBOX: Thermoplastic cabinets IP65 / IK10



Solera presents the latest novelty on the market. The new Multibox series IP65/IK10, with a clean and functional design.

This serie is designed for the most demanding external conditions, as chemical and atmospheric agents, and are protected against UV rays.

The Multibox  series also features a metal plate and door, opaque or sheer, with a 180º door opening for easy handling.

This series is available in various sizes and the option to add a chassis, with modules ranging from 16 to 60, with  adapting to the needs of each installation.

DIP Software - Performance



Relex Iberia’s Demand & Inventory Planner has been a breakthrough in demand and inventory planning for Solera and improving our customer service.

The software has three modules integrated with the company’s ERP software: Sales Forecasting, Inventory Management and Purchasing.

  • The Demand Planning module has a statistical engine with multiple forecasting methods that adjust to the behaviour of the different Solera SKUs.
  • The Inventory Planning module calculates the optimal stock, the SS needed to serve our customers with the target service level.
  • The Supply Planning module helps us to calculate purchasing needs based on sales forecasts, SS, supplier MOQs and supply times.

The software’s general functionalities help us obtain better forecasts with advanced statistics, forecast promotions and campaigns, automatically classify SKUs (ABC, XYZ), manage new items, calculate optimal stock, and increase our service level, but it’s worth highlighting that the alerts, notices, and KPIs allow us to review the current status of all the processes involved and set new objectives for ourselves.

Among the benefits that Solera has achieved are the following:

  • 30% improvement in the accuracy of customer sales forecasts
  • 25% improvement in product availability
  • Service level improvement above 95%
  • Increased inventory turnover
  • Planning time efficiency and productivity
  • 25% decrease in stockouts
  • Decrease in obsolete products

With the Integrated Supply Chain Management tool, Solera has taken a major step toward remaining a leading manufacturer in Spain, capable of adapting to new times and changing customer demands.




We spoke with Emilio Aspas, the Logistics Department’s warehouse manager.

- Good morning, Emilio. We know that there are currently more than 20 people working in the department, but how many are usually in the warehouse?

Good morning. We’ve grown considerably due to increased demand from our customers and have had to increase both our staff size and work shifts.

- What are your daily responsibilities?

We perform several functions in the logistics department. The most basic are fulfilling and shipping orders, receiving goods, controlling inventory and moving pallets internally between plants. We also perform functions such as purchasing and all the logistical management of imports and exports. 

The Demand & Inventory Planner (DIP) software is a tool specialized in planning across the entire supply chain. With it, we’ve increased our inventory turnover, achieving excellent levels of service.

- What have you done to incorporate the Lean Manufacturing methodology and the Demand & Inventory Planner (DIP) software into your everyday work?

Implementing the Lean methodology has been a great improvement in all aspects. In collaboration with the staff who make up the department, we have improved and streamlined many of the processes we carry out on a daily basis, making them more efficient and productive.

- Have you incorporated any other tools into the department that serve as a benefit for Solera?

A few months ago, we developed a new tool for managing orders. The tool helps us to be more agile when it comes to responding to our customers with their order delivery times. This tool is shared with the administration department and can be used to request delivery times and specify order requirements/observations to be taken into account during fulfilment or shipping. We also email customers automatically so that they can track their shipments in real time through shipping company websites.

- What do you hope to achieve in the near future for the department?

Our goal is to continue growing and improving all our processes, which we measure through KPIs. We are always on the lookout for the latest technologies in automation and digitization.

Bureau Veritas Audit

Bureau Veritas Audit


Here at Solera, we are pleased to announce the excellent results of the inspections carried out last month (April 2021). These involved the first assessment of our Quality Management System certification, and the social and quality inspection carried out by Bureau Veritas.

As in each of the last 24 years, the inspection took place in our two factories, in Paterna (Valencia) and Cañete (Cuenca), on the 27th and 28th of April respectively, by a team made up of two inspectors. The objective was to verify that our Quality Management System conforms to the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, as well as its effectiveness and its compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

We passed the inspection thanks to the satisfactory maintenance of our company's Quality Control System.

The inspection was also positive as regards the incorporation of new production planning software at the Paterna plant, the new CRM system "Tikets" for customer-related processes, the creation of two management positions, one for HR and the other for ICT, as well as the installation of an automated line for the assembly and packaging of the Blue Series family of mechanism boxes in Cañete.

For the assessment of our quality and social responsibility systems, two inspections were carried out:

  • Quality, in which a Grade A 96/100 was obtained, and in which the following aspects were mainly assessed -  Quality management, Product development, Purchasing and scheduling, Raw materials and components, Production/manufacturing process.
  • Social, in which the following aspects, among others, were assessed: Licensing and facility standards, Health and safety, Management system, transparency and traceability, Minimum age, child labour and young workers, Forced labour, discrimination, disciplinary practices, harassment and abuse, Freedom of association and complaint mechanisms, working hours and overtime, remuneration and benefits.

Design Interview (Jesús Maupoey)



Who is currently working in the department and what can you tell us about them?

The technical department is made up of Antonio Moya as technical director, and Roberto Martínez and Jesús Maupoey as design draughtsmen, although we are also assisted by Juan Antonio Martínez as a specialist technician.

To carry out a project, you need experience, enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. In the technical department we have all these qualities.


What would you say is your main objective?

To make products that are cutting-edge and at the same time able to meet the demands of the current market.


What would you say are your duties?

Our duties are the following:

  • Develop new projects, including design, drawings, component structures and sending all the necessary documentation to the supplier in order to be able to manufacture the mould.
  • Modify existing products in order to implement design improvements.
  • Create assembly instructions.
  • Create rendered images for brochures or catalogues (as well as videos with the available software).
  • Create prototypes on a 3D printer.
  • Support other departments.


What would you highlight about your day-to-day work in Solera?

There is a good working environment.


What have you achieved so far and how does it benefit our customers?

Our wide range of products can compete with those of our competitors and are appreciated by our customers, who are buying more and more of them. We are consistently one of the leaders when it comes to sales.


Tell us a bit about your current projects and latest designs, e.g., the designs referenced in the Blue Series.

The Blue Series family of mechanisms has been extended, with a 4-element box.

Within the Blue series, new Energy Efficient mechanism boxes have been designed for Energy Efficiency with rubber membranes at the inputs to prevent heat loss and eliminate noise propagation.

We are also designing a new series of boxes for charging electric vehicles, for 9 and 12 elements.

A new mounting system has been developed for boxes to be placed in hollow partition walls.

We also want to develop a new series of distribution boxes.


What do you hope to achieve in the future?

 To be more efficient when developing a new project in order to meet the needs of our customers and to be able to reach more and more countries.


What do you think is the key to the success of your department?

 Keeping up to date with the latest technologies so as to be able to compete in a market that is constantly innovating.




  • Polígono industrial Fuente del Jarro
  • C/ Villa de Madrid, 53
  • 46988 Paterna (Valencia) España


  • Carretera de Teruel, 32
  • 16300 Cañete (cuenca) España

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