Technology Department Interview

5 sept. 2022

Technology Department Interview

We speak to Miguel Santamaría, Head of Solera's Technology Department.

Good morning, Miguel, who currently works in the technology department?

This is a newly-created department that, with the help of external suppliers, carries out maintenance tasks, user service and improvement proposals.

What would you say is the most important of the department's objectives?

The most important objective is to align the business with technology. We are an electrical material manufacturing and supply company that relies on new technologies to continue growing.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis at Solera?

My day-to-day involves coordinating the different technology suppliers, user support, maintenance of the current systems and I am overseeing the implementation of the Information Security and Business Continuity Management System.

Have any technological changes been made at Solera that have signaled a before and after?

We are at a turning point, we are starting to implement collaborative tools and changing the traditional paradigm of information management. The move to using Cloud technologies such as Microsoft's 365 platform is opening up a wide range of possibilities that are undoubtedly signalling a before and after.

Solera's new website is about to be launched, tell us a little about it. What are the main changes that will be made with respect to the old one?

One aspect to highlight is the change in our website's philosophy; we went from having a merely informative website to one which will be increasingly interactive with our customers, such as access to regulations, technical instructions, order tracking, etc.

We have redesigned the “Interface” offering a new, clean and fast browsing environment that is fully adapted to new technologies.

One of the website's new features is the incorporation of PIM software. What will this change entail?

This change will entail extending the presence of our product catalog beyond our own website, becoming part of the B2B platforms or Market Places of our distributors.

What do you hope to achieve in the future? What are the long- and short-term goals?

I think the future is in the cloud, in standardisation and in data analysis; we have a long way to go in this respect.

My short-term objective is to obtain ISO 27001 certification, thus guaranteeing information security and implementing a business continuity system.

In the long term, my idea is to move all possible processes and services to Cloud environments. We are at the gates of a new “Technological Revolution” where artificial intelligence, Big Data and quantum computing are the new players. All this will start to be within reach of large computing centres, having the organisation migrated to the cloud will facilitate access to these new technologies which, in turn, will give us a competitive advantage.