Export Department Interview

Oct 16, 2018

Export Department Interview

We interview Javier Peix, Export Manager of Solera, about the daily activity of his department.

Who is currently in the department? What can you tell us about the people who work in it?

The export department consists of 5 multilingual professionals who work in sales, the BackOffice and engineering activities. A very balanced team that combines the experience of people who have been at Solera for more than 15 years with the breath of fresh air that comes from the recent addition of a new engineer to the team, Miguel, who provides technical support in English, French and Spanish.

What would you say is the department's goal?

The goal is to expand the Solera brand internationally following the criteria of stable and consolidated growth. Our international partners are gradually becoming part of the Solera family. We don't limit our relationship to the purely commercial side of things and instead establish strong personal ties. This is one of the keys to the success and loyalty of our international partners.


And your roles?

The export department is in charge of selecting new partners and looking after those we already work with.


What part of your day-to-day activities at Solera would you highlight?

In the Back Office, every day we receive our partners' orders and we manage them up until they are delivered in each country. We coordinate the logistics, documentation, Incoterms, capacities, container management, billing, etc. The types of orders vary greatly, ranging from small shipments to nearby countries, to 40' HQ containers that we regularly ship to our partners in Latin America, Africa or Australia.

In recent years we have achieved a strong presence in numerous countries (that are new to us, such as Australia, Madagascar or Lithuania) and have consolidated our presence in those where we were already present, with a growth figure of over 100%.

We are currently present in more than 60 countries across 5 continents.


What have you achieved to date and how does it benefit our clients?


We have carried out a restructuring of the work systems, which allows for better organisation and management, with the aim of continuously improving the service provided to our international collaborators. The constant growth in the number of clients and in billing forces us to adapt to new situations. The pandemic has also forced us to adapt to the new situation, since we don't have the option of visiting the different countries or inviting anyone to visit our factories and show them our magnificent facilities and our production and storage capacity.

One of the consequences of this organisational system is our ability to react, to respond to our clients in record time.

The export team has the capacity to respond to different needs in Spanish, English and French. We even have the human resources to target Russian-speaking markets, allowing us to serve all continents.


Tell us a little about your current projects.
We are currently focused on strengthening European markets in which we intend on achieving a level of penetration similar to the level we already have in Spain after 52 years of leadership in the market. To do so, we are using new technologies and developing international marketing in all its facets. Soon (imminently) we will be launching the new website in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian; we communicate on our different social media platforms in several languages: on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

When the pandemic situation so allows, we will once again participate in international trade fairs, such as the L&B in Frankfurt (as we've been doing over the last decade), and we will start travelling again to visit our clients and give them support in their countries of origin to continue consolidating the presence of the Solera brand.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Although our international growth in recent years has been spectacular, our objective in the medium and short term is to take another leap in quality that further enhances and consolidates our international presence.


What do you think is the key to the success of your department?

Obviously, the key to the success of Solera's export department is a magnificent team of professionals who are experts in their own fields, and which is perfectly organised to offer our clients the best service, while continuing to win over new partners every day all over the world.