The importance of manufacturing products with halogen-free compounds

What exactly do we mean by halogen-free materials? What are the advantages of our products being made from halogen-free materials?

May 3, 2022

The importance of manufacturing products with halogen-free compounds

In our field, it is vital that when carrying out a low voltage electrical installation we make sure to do so in full compliance with the current regulations applicable to an electrical installation with its characteristics.

Installers, as well as experts and professionals in the field, must be aware of the different regulations affecting electrical installations and comply with the requirements established by the European Parliament and Council Directive in accordance with the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations. As well as the technical building code.


One of the aspects to consider is the use of halogen-free materials. 

But what exactly are they?

A material is halogen-free when it does not contain any of the halogen group elements (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine).

During combustion, these chemical elements release toxic substances in the form of fumes that are dangerous to humans and corrode metals. A real danger in the event of an accident in an electrical installation.

Therefore, when a material contains halogens and is subjected to high temperatures, it gives off a large amount of toxic and corrosive smoke, which is a risk factor in case of fire.

Halogen-free materials are much safer and therefore more suitable for a safe and guaranteed electrical installation. They are less toxic and corrosive, making suffocation or death from fume inhalation much less likely.

The use of halogen-free materials is not mandatory in our product category as it is not regulated by the product standard itself nor by the applicable directives. Its use, however, is in accordance with the technical building code, and is modelled on electrical conductors, which are indeed regulated by a specific standard. Under this regulation, tests are carried out to check whether the product contains halogens or not, the opacity of the smoke given off when the product is burned, etc. All of this is done to guarantee the safety of any electrical installation.

At Solera, we are aware how important it is to guarantee a quality product for the end user, which is why we have decided to manufacture our products using halogen-free materials, even though the current regulations do not require us to.

We are committed to the quality and safety of each of the components used in our products, and halogen-free is undoubtedly a pre-requisite in our quality standard.

You can find all the technical documentation, as well as applicable regulations and characteristics of each of our products on our website where we have developed a special section that provides the installer with all the necessary information on this and other applicable regulations.